How do PMII mold training courses compare to other mold training providers?

Cost Comparison:

PMII's mold training cost is the most reasonable in the mold training industry.

Mold training seminars typically start at around $1,000 for a 2-day class. There are also travel expenses to be considered with traditional training seminars which can double the cost. Distance mold courses and online mold training typically cost less than mold seminars due to lower overhead. Some mold training can come with additional hidden costs such as annual fees to keep your certification. PMII offers the best course prices for an accredited school and we provide everything you need to learn from home. There are no recurring or hidden fees.

Content Comparison:
Many mold training courses and seminars are less than 24 hours long. There are also mold training classes provided by mold labs or equipment venders (not actual schools), and are trying to promote their mold equipment or mold sampling products.

PMII teaches you practical information in addition to theory. PMII's mold training is aligned with national standards of practice for the mold industry and is updated regularly. We teach you important information and key things that you must inspect for and include in your final report to be in accordance with national industry accepted guidelines.

Every lesson in the mold training courses is concise and written in clear language that is easy to understand. We list the precise learning objectives for each lesson and teach you how to systematically perform each part of a mold inspection / mold assessment, including how to prepare your final report. PMII's mold training was designed in-house by experienced mold professionals familiar with the mold inspection industry who understand the trade.

Interactivity Comparison:

PMII offers online interactive mold training programs and we are here to answer questions 12 hours a day!

Some competitors' mold training provides only document downloads, but without interactivity that lets you know how much you are learning. PMII's mold training courses allow you to interact with the material. Interactive features include flash cards that ask you questions and test what you have learned. The online quizzes provide feedback so you can identify what you still need to learn. The video demonstrations, numerous color illustrations, and videos provide the foundation for each new concept as you learn.

We encourage you to do your research about what mold training options are available before enrolling in any mold course. Avoid mold inspection courses not offered by licensed mold training providers. Make sure course tuition is refundable. Verify the mold training company's school location, mold industry credentials, and refund policy before you enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

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