How to become a mold inspector

What qualifications do mold inspectors and mold remediation companies need?

PMII's mold training can help you become a qualified mold inspector or mold remediator in all US states except Florida, New York and Texas. The mold training certifications are also valid throughout Canada!

Mold Licensing / Mold Certification Requirements

Though mold licensing is not a state / provincial requirement in most states and provinces, most banks and insurance companies that deal with mold issues have begun to require that a mold professional is trained, certified and follows national guidelines for mold assessment and mold remediation / abatement.

Some states are considering new regulations or have new legislation pending for mold testing and mold abatement. It is important to start the mold training now and get certified before new mold licensing requirements become law.

Contact us for more information about particular state / province mold requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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