Commercial Mold Inspector Certification

The Commercial Mold Inspection Course will get you the CCMI certification for doing mold testing & assessments in commercial properties.

This is an interactive self-paced online course that features text, audio, video, images, diagrams, and flashcards to help you learn the material. As you move through the course, you will take lesson quizzes at the end of each lesson and a final exam online at the end of the course. The online course is available on-demand so you may log in and out at your convenience!

Commercial Mold Inspection Training

Commercial Mold Inspection Lessons

  1. Getting Started
  2. Common Terminology
  3. Commercial Standards
  4. Commercial Roofs
  5. Commercial HVAC
  6. Apartment Complexes
  7. Retail, Office, Other
  8. Mold Sampling
  9. Mold Reporting
  10. Final Exam
Commercial Mold Training Course

Course Objectives (show/hide)

Commercial Mold Training - CCMI Commercial Mold Inspection Course Objectives

  • Understand the government's position on mold exposure
  • Define the terminology used in NAMRI mold standards
  • Understand the purpose and scope of NAMRI standards
  • Understand the limitations of a mold inspection
  • Identify areas of the grounds, exterior, structure, plumbing, interior, and HVAC which are to be inspected
  • Identify areas which are included from a mold inspection
  • Understand when to collect tape and swab samples
  • Understand standardized procedures for air sampling
  • How commercial roofs differ from residential roofs
  • Understand the different types of flat roof coverings
  • Learn the typical problems with flat roofs
  • Know what to look for on commercial roofs
  • Understand how to access a flat roof
  • Understand flat roof drainage systems
  • How HVAC vents can impact the roof
  • Understand how mold affects ventilation systems
  • Identify the types of commercial ventilation
  • Learn what happens when HVAC components fail
  • Identify humidification & dehumidification systems
  • Understand problems with outdoor air dampers
  • Understand what happens when air filters fail
  • Learn about biological pollutants in ductwork
  • How exhaust intake affects the indoor air pressure
  • Understand how mold can affect return air systems
  • Understand issues with cooling towers and boilers
  • Understand the scope of an apartment inspection
  • Know where mold growth is most likely to be found
  • Understand a Landlord/Tenant Inspection Agreement
  • How to price mold inspections for apartments
  • Understand the characteristics of retail buildings
  • Understand the characteristics of office buildings
  • Learn about other types of commercial buildings
  • Know where mold growth is most likely to be found
  • Inspecting roofs, plumbing and HVAC components
  • Understand potential problems with accessibility
  • Understand the different methods of sampling
  • Know what type of equipment is needed
  • Understand what method of sampling to use
  • Learn the benefits and drawbacks of sample types
  • Understand the concept of tape sampling
  • Understand the concept of swab sampling
  • Understand the concept of bulk sampling
  • Understand the concept of air sampling
  • Understand the safety considerations when sampling
  • Understand Reporting Methodologies
  • Understand the Pre-Inspection Agreement
  • Learn how to perform a professional inspection
  • Understand how to present a report summary
  • Learn how to review the report with the client

PMII Mold Training Benefits (show/hide)

PMII Online Mold Training Benefits

Quality online mold training courses

  • Establish a new mold business or expand your current list of services
  • Industry's best mold inspection and mold remediation training
  • recognized by insurance companies, state agencies, and national associations
  • Affordable online mold training
  • Complete courses at your own pace

Unlimited student support

  • Student-instructor forum for questions
  • Madison, SD support office open 12 hours-a-day
  • Online support & in-house phone support
  • Mold Courses / software developed and supported in-house by PMII

Get your mold business up & running

  • Free 1-year subscription benefits to help get you up and running
    • NAMRI membership
    • Mold Inspection Report Creator software
    • Free mold business website from inspectHost
  • Advertising templates - customize with your information
  • Use of certified logos for advertising

Course Approvals(show/hide)

ASHI affiliate
PMII is an affiliate of ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors
AHI affiliate
PMII is an affiliate of AHI, the North American Association of Home Inspectors
IICRC Approved CECs
IICRC Approval: 14 CREDIT HOURS of IICRC continuing education can be obtained by going through the mold training
BBB A+ Rated Mold Training Company
PMII is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ rated member and is authorized to display the BBB Accreditation logo

Insurance Approved Mold Training
Accepted by all major homeowner insurance companies who require mold certification for water damage / restoration jobs
Mold insurance approved
Approved by mold E&O insurance companies - our approved mold training qualifies for exclusive coverage from E&O providers

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